2009 World Masters Games

An initiative of the New South Wales Government, Sydney will host the seventh World Masters Games from 10-18 October 2009. The World Masters Games have been held every four years since they began in Toronto, Canada in 1985. Australians have a strong Masters sport presence and the 2009 event will be the third time that the World Masters Games have been staged in Australia after Brisbane (1994) and Melbourne (2002).

Open to people of all abilities and most ages, the World Masters Games are the world's largest multi-sport event, attracting twice as many competitors than the Olympic Games. A significant, fundamental difference between the World Masters Games and the Olympic Games is that World Masters Games are open to people of all abilities rather than just elite athletes, with the emphasis on participation. To compete at the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games, people only need to satisfy their sport's minimum age, which ranges from 25 to 35, depending on the sport.

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2009 World Masters Games

wmgameslogoHave you ever wanted to participate in the Olympic Games, but owing to the selectors lack of vision and foresight, been omitted from selection?  Or did injury rob you of the chance to play for the state when you were younger?

Commencing on Saturday 10th October 2009, at venues across Sydney, the World Masters Games provide you with an opportunity to participate in an event that will have more participants than the 2008 Olympic Games, while at the same time, allowing you to enjoy the competition and camaraderie of international hockey.

Like all of us, I enjoy playing hockey.  This event being help in Sydney is too tempting for me to resist, so I have taken on the challenge of co-ordinating a team to compete in the games.  I'm beating the drums, sending texts and emails, and doing my best to drum up interest in this event.

Of course, it does pose a small dilemma.  The Veterans National Championships finish on the same day!  Thankfully, the Hockey competition does not start until Sunday 11th October, so I have time to fly back from Melbourne, put my turf shoes out to air, and then pack the bag again for another 5-7 games of hockey.

Committed? Maybe.  Mad?  Definitely!!!

If you want to find out more details, check out http://www.2009worldmasters.com.  If you want to be part of a hockey team playing in the games, drop me an email on .