The Shaws Bay Hotel

| Mark Matheson

We have selected The Shaws Bay Hotel as our clubrooms while we are in Ballina.

At least one other NSW team has organised to use the hotel as their clubrooms, so I would anticipate some good times will be had.

One of our social coordinators, Richard, has negotiated a good deal with the hotel that includes discounted meals and the occassional free drink. Every member of the NSW Over 40/2's will get a set of vouchers that will get them the daily discounts.

Check out full details of the venue at their website -

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Mark is a former President of the Sydney Masters Hockey Association and is a current NSW manager in the Over 40's age group and the Australian Over 35's Assistant Manager.

When he is not working in the hockey community, Mark runs an IT Consultancy offering IT Management and Business Process Change services.


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