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| Mark Matheson

Each year, Sharon Dixon, the head of the NSW Men's Masters Hockey medical team, provides the managers with some solid medical guidelines. I am yet to receive the 2018 version, so thought I'd run with those from 2017, as they are still very relevant.

  1. Do NOT, under any circumstances, help yourself to any of the medical supplies. Understandably, the medical team has a limited supply, and it is not there for players to help themselves..
  2. Ventolin or other inhalers must be in individual plastic bags – labelled and in easy reach whilst on the benches. The medic needs to know where it is at all times – not be told during the game "it’s in Frank’s bag". All bags look the same to the medics!
  3. Half time food/drinks. We all know that fruit, oranges and watermelon or similar, are better than lollies. Water is better than anything else.
  4. Post-game recovery for those interested – a banana (or similar fruit), a milk drink, a muesli/protein bar or some tree nuts. All players need to know this, and should look after this themselves.
  5. No players will be seen in the Medics’ hotel rooms. All treatments will be carried out by appointment with a Physio or Massage Therapist. For those who are requiring any treatment prior to a game, they are expected to be in our treatment area at least an hour prior to the game with all team members.
  6. Because they do not know where they as a Medical Team will be working as yet, if the weather is inclement or conditions at the fields are prohibitive then other arrangements will be made and information will be provided to all managers.
  7. The medical team is covering some days from 7:00AM to 10:30PM. Each therapist is assigned to a team for the day. If there is to be a change for any reason, the manager will be advised at least an hour before any game. Please do NOT contact your manager or the medical team with this question every day.
  8. Anyone on blood thinners MUST let the medical team know so they can take a note of this. There are certain massage techniques and strapping that they cannot apply. Also, they need to take extra care of your skin when strapping is necessary

As a team manager, I liaise with Sharon Dixon before, during and after the championships. With the exception of booking an appointment, your manager should be your first point of contact if you have any questions regarding the medical team.

Also, if you are receiving any medical treatment before or during the championships, your manager must be kept in the loop. If necessary, he/she will liaise with the medical team in case further assessment is required.

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