Battleground update

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As most of you will have seen, the World Masters Games organisers have published an initial draw for the Hockey compeition.

There are several notable issues with the draw. These include: -

  • It is damn near unreadable
  • The semi-final structure means that one of thee top two teams from pool play will be eliminated

I have sucked up to the Manager and Physio and uploaded their Turf Queen fixtures as well. My manager and physio fees are paid in full

battlegroundTo make things easier for the Tassie Old Devils and their supporters, both in Auckland and back home, I have added a Competition section to the website. You should see the menu at the top of the page.

Hover your mouse over the menu, or press on it if you are using a mobile device, and a sub-menu will drop down with links to the Fixtures, Points Table and Statistics. Assuming I can get quick and easy access to the results each day, I will update the results for each match and the Statistics and Points Table will be automatically updated.

If you want to look at just the fixtures for one team, click on the team name to filter the list. If you are doing this from teh Points Table, a little icon may appear below the team name, and by clicking on that icon, you will filter the fixtures list to just that teams fixtures.

It's not perfect, but I reckon it is a hell of a lot better than the PDF document provided by the World Masters Games organisers. And it should provide us with an up-to-date reference during the competition.

Feel free to share this with friends and family so that all your supporters can stay up-to-date with how the Tassie Old Devils are going in Auckland.

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